Street Party Challenge

I, Dan of Pine Street, have been the street representative for Pine Street for many a year now. Since the beginning I decided to invite everyone who owns property or lives in Pine Street every year to a get together to discuss any security concerns, make everyone aware of the current security arrangement we have with Quatro and for the opportunity to put a name to a face and faces to names within our Whatsapp group.

There are a few regulars who always attend and then some new people who have moved into our wonderful street. This last get together we had on 30 Sep and we were some 20 persons in attendance. It really is heart-warming to see people who barely know each other have conversations about this and that whilst we all get to know a little about each other. It also enhances our sense of security knowing we can call on anyone in the street for help or assistance. Some are even suggesting we do it more frequently than once p.a.

I challenge all other street representatives and streets to take the initiative and do same or similar. It really is a worthwhile event every time and I believe more of this in Arcadia can only make our suburb better and a safer and more pleasant place to live than what it already is.

Our own recipe is simple: Start a Whatsapp group by collecting names and numbers of all in your street, decide on a venue, send out a Whatsapp message some 3 weeks before the event to all whom you have contact with in your street, provide some light snacks (eg. Cheese, crackers), ask everyone to bring their own drinks and then discuss general security and ask every one attending to give a 30 second introduction to themselves and where they live. Ask everyone to voice any security or other concerns as well say what makes them happy in Arcadia.

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