Criminal Activity in Lisdogan Avenue

On Saturday, 19 January 2019, around midday I was walking back to our house in Lisdogan Avenue.  I walked to Loftus Park Shopping Centre and on the way back stopped at Eastwood Village.  I withdrew some cash, went into Postnet to get mail and then proceeded back home.  Less than a block from home an unidentified car stopped...



As you are all aware, our Company has been operating the Curbside Collection Service for dry recycling in various Suburbs and Estates in Pretoria. As one of the main role players in Waste Management & Recycling in the City of Tshwane, we have always given it our best to contribute by saving our natural resources as well as...



Dear Arcadia Residents, Once again as we face a new year, I wish I would like to thank you all  for your on-going support for the ARRA Committee’s efforts. 2018 was indeed a very busy year again for the committee, and 2019 promises to be the same. My special word of thanks and appreciation to the ARRA Committee....


2018: A Long-Term Vision for Arcadia

In 2017, the focus of the Committee continued largely to be on the non-enforcement of the By-laws of the City of Tshwane. ARRA witnessed a determined onslaught on our area by irresponsible developers, evidence of estate agent mis-selling, and all aided by the lack of enforcement by the CoT. We were hopeful that the change in local government...


Morning race and litter

Hi Linda There was again a race this morning past my house. Loud music was being played from 6.30 from a car.I had to eventually ask the people concerned to move their car. As you can see from the photos an extraordinary amount of litter was left behind by the runners not to even talk about the noise level. Do...


Street Party Challenge

I, Dan of Pine Street, have been the street representative for Pine Street for many a year now. Since the beginning I decided to invite everyone who owns property or lives in Pine Street every year to a get together to discuss any security concerns, make everyone aware of the current security arrangement we have with Quatro and...


Art on Government 2018

An auction of beautiful art, sales of art, interaction with artists with food and wine enjoyed by all. The beautiful Ca Ira Guest House was the venue for our annual Art on Government exhibition. This initiative is one of the main fundraising events for ARRA. Thank you to all Arcadians and Friends for supporting this special event.


Water slide, mud, friends and great company

29 September- oh we had so much fun!!! Water slide, mud, friends and great company- what more could one wish for. Our community playground is open weekly on Thursday afternoon 3-5pm and Saturday mornings 9h30-11h30. 185 Beckett street st the Arcadia Scout Hall. Come join in the fun!!