ARRA continues to work closely and in partnership with Quatro in providing the area-based armed response service to members on a 24-7-365 basis. In 2016, there were 70 reported incidents over the year, a significant increase of 112% on the previous year, ranging from house burglaries, car thefts, to many attempted break-ins. There were 3 arrests made, representing a 4% arrest rate. The patrol vehicle is proving effective and we thank Emmanuel, Collin and Maxwell for their vigilance and proactivity in preventing crimes in our area.

So far this year in 2017, there have been 20 reported incidents, with a spike in opportunist incidents evident. An on-going concern is the increase in communes and illegal businesses in the area, with increasing evidence of organised crime syndicates operating in the area, contributing to increased opportunist crime incidents, prostitution and drug-related crimes. ARRA and Quatro, through the Sector/Community Policing Forum, endeavour to work with SAPS in addressing these issues, but it is through our own vigilance, and the concerted efforts of Quatro, that we really rely on for crime containment and prevention. In many cases, crime incidents were prevalent where alarms were not primed or installed, with the rapid-response of the Quatro patrol vehicle being a major deterrent to more serious incidents. While the trend of crime is manageable, it is also one which needs constant vigilance and support from the community, with the support of the police and the Sector/Community Policing Forum.

Currently, there are 176 individual members of the scheme (up on 2016) and 5 Guarding Contracts (3 within the CSI area and 2 outside the residential area). The membership level needs to increase to 200+ if we are to ensure sustainability and add-on new services at no extra cost. New members are always welcome and at R375 per month (or R12 per day), this represents exceptional value-for-money for a quality-assured rapid-response service that secures the area and gives peace of mind to members of the scheme. It should be noted that Quatro has maintained this cost structure since 2012 (with standardisation of charges in 2014 for previous ARS clients), making savings from the current low fuel prices and meeting indexation of wage costs from cost-savings rather than by passing-on costs to the client.

ARRA, in partnership with Quatro, is exploring the possibility of creating a new and separate patrol zone in the area South of Stanza Bopape Street, following approaches from some businesses in that area. ARRA will also explore closer collaboration with contiguous RRAs in Rietondale, Colbyn and Clydesdale to determine interest for synergies and cost-saving initiatives in increasing scope and coverage of patrolling, information-exchanges and collaboration with SAPS, Metro Police, CoT and the CPF/SPF.