Ward & Electoral Issues

Sub-Committee Chair: Francois Burger & Cllr. Clive Napier

Political Situation: From early 2020, the Council of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality went through a period of destabilisation, when quorums could not be met to conduct Council business. In May of 2020, the council was placed under ‘administration’ by the Gauteng Provincial Member of the Executive Committee
(MEC) in terms of the relevant legislation. The Democratic Alliance (DA), the largest party in the council, challenged the MEC in two separate High Court cases and overturned the decision made by the MEC.

During a period of approximately eight months, all 214 Ward and Proportional Representative (PR) Councillors lost their positions, which meant that there was no political leadership in the municipality during this time. The municipality was managed and administered by several unelected officials (or Administrators) and significant issues have since arisen on expenditure and budgetary management.

When the DA won the second of two cases against the Gauteng MEC, Councillors formally returned to their previous posts and in all cases continued with their Ward work and from this time on being paid for their service to the community. On 1 November 2021, a new Executive Mayor, Cllr. Randall Williams assumed office
together with a partly new Mayoral Committee team.

Municipal Elections and Ward 92: At the time when councillors were re-instated, the former Councillor for Ward 92 resigned (Mr. Abel Tau). This resulted in the need to hold a by-election in Ward 92 to replace the exiting Councillor. A by-election is scheduled to be held on 19 May 2021 (subject to the COVID-19 situation). The
by-election will be preceded by a voter registration weekend on 10-11 April 2021.

Currently, no Ward Committees are functional in CoT. The draft Ward Committee by-law will not be submitted to a further public participation process and is awaiting further comment by external counsel before being submitted to the Electoral Committee and then to Council at the end of April. No Ward Committee elections
will take place before the end of the term of the present Council.

It is anticipated that a general local government election will be held possibly in October 2021, during which Ward 92 members will have another opportunity to cast their ballots for both a Ward and PR Councillors. It will be a busy year for the residents of Ward 92!

Non-Permitted Use Property: MMC: Economic Development & Spatial Planning, Cllr. Bruce Lee has committed himself to drive the imposition of increased rates on non-permitted land uses. We hope to see improvement in this area in the coming months. ARRA (and OPERRA) will monitor this development very closely to
determine the extent and scope of this initiative being effective or not in addressing illegal businesses and criminal activity operating from residential properties in our area.