Street Representatives

The Street Representative initiative is an important network for ARRA in ensuringthat each Street (or complex) in our neighbourhood has direct access and representation on the ARRA Management Committee, where important street-specific issues are addressed and followed-up effectively.  Currently, there are 18 Street Rep roles, one for each street (or complex), notably:

Street   Representative Street   Representative
Balmoral Avenue Trevor MacIntyre Lisdogan Avenue Helena McLeod
Beckett Street Linda Tyrrell Merton Avenue Erin Tansey
Blackwood Avenue Chris Szabo Percy Avenue Helen Rakotomalala; Penny Blersch
Dumbarton Avenue Vacant Pine Street Dan Berglund
East Avenue Francois Burger Thomas Avenue Laura Eady von Vieregge
Eastwood Street Jozua Viljoen Walter Beckett Avenue Helen Rakotomalala; Penny Blersch
George Avenue Martie Hofmeyr Complex: The Falcons Karin Hammel-Louw
Government Avenue Flor Healy; Ina Roos Complex: Clarendon Court Vacant
Harcourt Avenue Elizabeth Voigt Complex: Twentyman Court Natalie Swanepoel

The Street Representative acts as an ‘ambassador’ for ARRA in each street, ensuring that all residents are familiar with ARRA and are willing to support ARRA as members.  Street Reps also help in identifying the key issues of concern for residents and relaying them to ARRA for follow-up, including issues relating to:

  • Monitoring House Sales and Welcoming New Residents in the street
  • Planning & Zoning breaches, and related problems from illegal businesses, communes etc.
  • Crime & Security problems and issues, including membership of the ARRA-Quatro CSI
  • Environmental & Recycling issues
  • Service delivery issues in the street (e.g. street lights, water supply, refuse collection, street cleaning etc.)
  • ARRA Membership aspects, including new member introduction
  • Promoting Community Pride in the street (and in the wider community)

It is unfortunate that the street representative does not really work, so any volunteers would be helpful.