The ARRA Committee (ExCo) – 2022

The ExCo comprises of the five key roles required under the Constitution. Each ExCo member assumes responsibility as Chair of a Sub-Committee, which deal in more detail with complex and often technical issues which are then brought back to the ExCo for decision-making.

Executive Committee (ExCo)
ChairLinda Tyrrell
Vice-ChairFlor Healy
SecretaryFrancois Burger
Vice-SecretaryRita Ribbens-Burger
TreasurerColijn van Bergen
Vice-TreasurerIna Roos

Sub-Committees [8]

HeritageLinda Tyrrell
Service DeliveryLinda Tyrrell
Crime & SecurityFlor Healy
Ward & ElectoralFlor Healy
Scout Hall & Scout GroupFrancois Burger
Recycling & EnvironmentRita Ribbens-Burger
PR, Social & FundraisingColijn van Bergen
Spatial Planning & ZoningIna Roos